4K TV in 2017: Owner’s guide to Ultra HD Displays


sony 4k UHD display with playstation
Sony 55″ 4K UHD Display (Wall-Mounted)

4K TVs have been around for a while now and they have always been considered a luxury item for your living space. Many people blamed lack of 4K supported content for the slow adaption rate of these Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays. However, things have changed drastically due to the exponential increase in the 4K supported content. But is it the right time to upgrade?

In this review, we will be providing a detail insight about common questions that influence the buying decision of consumers.

What is 4K and Why is it so hyped up?

4K refers to the resolution of a display, which basically shows the number of pixels packed in it. It is called 4K because it packs 4 times the number of pixels than a 720P (HD) display. We have done the math for you and in short it has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. These extra pixels result in a much clearer and detailed image. A reason for all the hype is the life-like image quality, which has won hearts of a lot of enthusiasts.

Is there enough 4K content available?

In order to fully utilize the potential of the Ultra HD display, content availability is of great essence. Luckily, the amount of 4K content has been growing at an unprecedented rate. From movies to games, the arsenal of 4K content is rapidly increasing. Just this week, Microsoft launched the new Xbox One X, which is capable of 4K gaming at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS). You can check our first impressions of the new Xbox One X by clicking on the link below

Apart from games, many video service providers like Netflix and YouTube have also started offering 4K content. Thanks to 2017, there is a plethora of video services available that allow you to upgrade to 4K content for an additional fee. Hence, the odds are definitely in the favor of 4K displays.

How Expensive are 4K TVs?

A few years ago, 4K displays were quite expensive, however, thanks to the rapid growth, they are available in all shapes and sizes. You can get yours as per your budget and there are a number of decent options available under $1000. Check out the list of Best 4K TVs, you can get in 2017 (courtesy, TechRadar).


 If you are upgrading from a Full HD LCD, then you would most certainly feel a lot more crisp and detailed image quality. However, other factors like screen size, display panel and the OS would make a huge difference as well. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to experience the display for yourself before choosing one. Having said that, it would be pretty hard to be disappointed from an upgrade to a 4K display!