Apple has just unveiled the latest Apple TV which finally supports 4K and HDR and provides an extensive coverage of various TV apps like Netflix and Amazon. Furthermore, it would also bring new features like integration of live sports and reminders of upcoming sport events.

Apple TV A10X Chip
Apple TV A10X Chip

Upgrades in the New Apple TV

  • 4K & HDR Support
  • A10X chip, same as the latest iPad Pro 10.5″ or the iPad Pro 12.9″
  • Free upgrade of existing HD users to 4K content
  • Buy 4K content at the price of HD
  • New gaming capabilities and a plethora of new TV apps
  • Completely redesigned User Interface & User Experience

More updates coming soon…

Apple recently launched its latest generation of the iPads with some serious spec bumps and a lot of power under its slim chassis. Your Tech Dose also provided the first impressions of the new iPad. After testing it for over a month, here’s the full review for the iPad Pro 10.5″.

Unboxing Experience of the iPad Pro 10.5

The new iPad comes with a familiar packaging, however, this time Apple has used the picture of the device itself on the top with one of the wallpapers that it ships with. On the side we have iPad Pro’s branding, with Apple’s iconic logo on the front and bottom of the lid. Upon opening the lid, we are greeted with the iPad itself covered in a translucent protector. The new iPad Pro 10.5″ comes with the following accessories in the box:

  • iPad Pro 10.5″
  • Instruction Booklets
  • Apple Stickers
  • Lightning Cable
  • 2.4A Charger

In case you are wondering about the missing Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard then it’s about time that you know that Apple does not ship iPad Pro with either of these accessories. Instead you would have to buy them separately. Apple Pencil costs $99, whereas Apple’s Smart Keyboard costs $159. So basically, adding these 2 accessories raises the price of the entry-level iPad Pro to over $900, which is definitely quite expensive for a Tablet.

Daily Performance of the iPad Pro 10.5

Despite being just a tablet, it packs enough computing power to compete with most notebooks. A10X Fusion Chip paired with 4GB of Ram, makes it blazing fast and super productive. The ProMotion display with 120Hz refresh rate adds cherry on top by making all the transitions ever so smooth. If that does not satisfy your inner geek, then have a look at the GeekBench comparison of iPad Pro 10.5” with other iOS devices.

iPad Pro 10.5 GeekBench Comparison
iPad Pro 10.5 GeekBench Comparison

It is undoubtedly the king of tablets currently. However, is this power too much for an iPad? Not with the upcoming iOS 11. Till now, critics were quite skeptical about the productivity of an iPad. But with the launch of iOS 11, it would most definitely take its productivity to the next level. It is not only a more demanding OS, but also takes full advantage of iPad Pro’s unprecedented power.

Is the iPad Pro 10.5” for you?

It depends on a lot of factors. If you are looking for a tablet to fulfill just your entertainment needs, like watching movies, scrolling the web and social media, then you should probably get the previous iPad Pro 9.7”. It is still a very fast tablet, with outstanding display and a slim form factor.

If you are a student and looking for a budget device to take notes and scroll the web, then you should consider other cheap alternatives.

If you are a designer, an art enthusiast or someone looking to get the best display in a portable device, then the new iPad Pro 10.5” is definitely for you. It won’t disappoint you no matter what. Just wait till iOS 11 comes out to fully take advantage of this amazing tablet.

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At the WWDC 2017, Apple announced a number of new products. The major announcements included hardware tweaks to the MacBook Pro Lineup, The new iOS 11 and a highly anticipated iPad Pro with 10.5” screen. The new iPad coupled with the latest iOS 11 takes mobile productivity to a whole new level. Apple has always been keen on making subtle yet significant upgrades to its devices. However, this year’s iPad Pro 10.5” has seen some great improvements inside out. It’s important to mention here that the new iPad Pro 12.9” which was also launched alongside its smaller sibling, still shares the same outlook as its predecessor. So, let’s have a quick look at the upgraded hardware for the new iPad Pro lineup.

Specifications of the iPad Pro 10.5” & 12.9”

  • A10X Fusion Chipset with 4GB RAM
  • 12 Core GPU
  • Available in 64/256/512GB of Internal Storage
  • 12 MP f/1.8 Primary Camera and 7 MP f/2.2 Secondary Camera
  • 2nd Gen Touch ID with Physical Home Button
  • 4 Speakers (Top and Bottom for Stereo sound)
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate with Maximum Brightness at 600 Nits

These upgrades send a clear message that Apple is taking the Tablet game to new heights. They have literally added enough computing power to ensure that even the most demanding apps are dealt with precision. Apple has even doubled the memory options and now you can grab an iPad with a whopping 512GB of internal storage.

Most Notable Upgrades of the iPad Pro 10.5”

The most notable changes are made to the screen of the new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro 10.5” offer thinner bezels and more screen real estate in the same footprint as its predecessor (iPad Pro 9.7”). It definitely makes it aesthetically appealing. This also has the brightest screen of all the iPads ever made. According to Macworld, it is almost 90 Nits brighter than its predecessor, which was already one of the brightest tablets in the market. The screen upgrades do not stop there. In fact, one of the most important screen upgrades include the 120Hz Refresh Rate on the new iPad Pro 10.5”. This is up from 60Hz Refresh Rate in the 9.7” iPad Pro. Basically, a 120Hz panel makes the screen twice as responsive to the inputs as the 60Hz panel This is a significant improvement because it makes the User Interface much more smoother and better. It’s especially beneficial for folks who want to use Apple Pencil for graphical illustrations.

Other notable improvements include the upgraded cameras, which are now similar to that of the iPhone 7. Similarly, the Touch ID has also been upgraded to the latest gen system for a quicker finger print recognition.

Pricing and Value Proposition of iPad Pro 10.5″ & 12.9″

The New iPad Pro 10.5” starts at $649 for the 64GB Wi-Fi Only Model. If you go for the top-spec model then it will cost $1079. Similarly, the latest iPad Pro 12.9” starts at $799 for the Base Model and goes up to a crazy $1229 price tag. Not to mention that the Apple Pencil costs another $99 and the Keyboard Cover would add another $169 from Apple.

These prices make the new iPads the competitor for premium notebook PCs and even some mid to high-end laptops. Hence, Apple is trying to cater to the customers who are already in the market for some high-end productivity devices. There is no doubt that the new iPad Pro is a very potent device, however, it seems that the most practical decision would be to go for the entry-level iPad Pro, until you really want the extra memory or mobile Internet.