Samsung all set to launch Galaxy Note 8!

Samsung has sent invites for the exclusive event to be held on August 23, in which they will unveil the all new Galaxy Note 8. After last year’s devastating battery issue with the Note 7, Samsung did not only halt the production but also had to Call-back the existing units. Many skeptics believed that was the end of the Note lineup, but apparently, Samsung wants to continue the Note series.

Expect Big from Galaxy Note 8?

Starting with the aesthetics, a number of rumors have already pointed towards slimmer bezels and a bigger display. According to Gsmarena, The Note 8 would most probably have a 6.4” QHD Screen with 6GB of Ram and Snapdragon 835 chipset. These promising specs would definitely ensure that the Note 8 would be able to handle pretty much all the apps with ease. Hopefully, it would also have a bigger battery to power the beast.

According to the current rumors, it will be the first Samsung flagship phone to have dual lens camera system. Furthermore, it will probably be a combination of 12 and 8MP lenses, however, there are no details on the aperture and camera sensor.

Geekbench Comparison of Note 8 with iPhone 7 Plus

Your Tech Dose has also managed to get the Geekbench scores of alleged Note 8 (SM-N9500) (Courtesy: Gsmarena). It definitely performed great on the both Single and Multi-Core tests. We also took the liberty to compare it to the score of its arch rival, iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 outperforms pretty much any current phone on the Single Core, however, Note 8 took the lead on the Multi-Core test!

iPhone 7 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 8 geekbench score
iPhone 7 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 8

Your Tech Dose will update the review once the phone is officially launched next week on August 23. Mark your calenders!